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[VIDEO] Why Online Video Analytics Matter

[VIDEO] Why Online Video Analytics Matter

At our recent user conference Brightcove PLAY, Andy Plesser from Beet.TV interviewed many of our customers and partners about the pressing industry issues that are shaping their businesses. The post below features a video interview with Noreen Hafez, senior product marketing manager at Akamai.

Noreen Hafez is a senior product marketing manager at Akamai; when she sat down with Beet.TV for an interview at our recent Brightcove PLAY conference, she offered insight into the latest updates to Akamai's Sola Analytics product offering. Sola Analytics is a cloud-based tool made up of three separate modules: Audience Analytics, Quality of Service Monitor and Viewer Diagnostics. Because of Brightcove's partnership with Akamai, Video Cloud customers can use an Akamai Sola Analytics plug-in to take advantage of these separate modules.

Tune in to the video embedded below to hear Noreen describe why each module's functionality is valuable to content publishers and also integral to consumers' ultimate viewing experience. Specifically:

  • Audience Analytics: This tool tracks audience behavior, including viewing device, length of view, point of abandonment and more. This knowledge helps publishers to understand how various content pieces are performing as well as how they can optimize video delivery.
  • Quality of Service Monitor: The Sola QoS tool monitors the viewing and playback experience. If there are any issues related to, for example, buffering or a delayed start time, the QoS monitor will create an alert for publishers so that they can rapidly address issues in real time.
  • Viewer Diagnostics: This is the newest addition to the Sola family; it captures viewer-level information for a 60-day historical period. For each individual viewer and each video viewed, publishers can analyze and compare the performance of all of their video assets and automatically troubleshoot problems.

Are you taking advantage of the analytics capabilities available to joint Brightcove and Akamai customers?