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[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What's Happening in Online Video; Volume 3

[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What's Happening in Online Video; Volume 3

This video is the third in a series featuring industry perspective and insight from key players in the digital media and broader technology ecosystem. The series stems from a range of interviews that Brightcove account director Renee Teeley conducted earlier this summer.

Dean Casalena is a senior full stack engineer at Thismoment, an enterprise, cloud-based software provider that helps Fortune 500 companies to create interactive digital campaigns--enabling brands to reach key audiences across all social platforms. Recently, Dean met with account director Renee Teeley to discuss the value of video in social marketing.

Tune in to the video below for Renee and Dean's complete conversation which spans the following topics:

  • Thismoment's unique brand marketing system, which includes video integration, leads to an average of six minutes of time spent interacting with content produced by brands via the Thismoment platform.
  • Thismoment's solutions promote communication amongst companies' key audience members; when brands foster active dialogue on interesting or important issues, it ultimately leads to brand affinity.
  • User-generated video content is a major component of Thismoment's campaigns. As bandwidth becomes less expensive and everybody has the ability to record high-quality video via their mobile devices, brands are in an exciting position as users begin to create engaging video marketing content on their behalf.