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A Simple Guide to Streaming Live Video Events

A Simple Guide to Streaming Live Video Events

The ability to watch important events live--whether it's a presidential inauguration, your favorite band's reunion concert or even your child's high school lacrosse game--has become commonplace. We expect to be able to stream live video content from any location or device. And, there's no doubt that access to live video is beneficial to viewers and publishers alike. Viewers have the option to consume content on their own terms, while publishers can use live events as an opportunity to attract new viewers with compelling, exclusive content. At the same time, publishers can boost revenues with additional monetization channels.

So, what's the catch?

Historically, live streaming has been a costly and complicated endeavor; however, the live streaming process has evolved to be simpler and less expensive due to the recent development of enhanced, cloud-based live stream technologies.

To help you take advantage of simple live stream options, we have crafted our latest whitepaper, "A Simple Guide to Streaming Live Video Events." Download the guide here to learn more about:

  • The benefits of streaming live video events
  • Requirements for capturing and delivering live streams
  • Using cloud encoding architectures to reduce production costs
  • Brightcove's live streaming solutions and common workflows
  • Real-world examples of successful live video events