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Making Video More Searchable, Engaging and SEO-friendly

Making Video More Searchable, Engaging and SEO-friendly

At our recent user conference Brightcove PLAY, Andy Plesser from Beet.TV interviewed many of our customers and partners about the pressing industry issues that are shaping their businesses. Over the next several weeks, we'll bring you these video interviews on the Brightcove Blog. Enjoy!

Tole Khesin is the vice president of marketing at 3Play Media, a company that provides premium captioning and transcription services. 3Play's mission is to make video more searchable, engaging and SEO-friendly. In conjunction, captioning and transcription help to ensure that publishers' video content can reach a wide audience.

In the video embedded below, Tole shares insight into the history of captioning and transcription and how it has traditionally been an incredibly slow and labor-intensive process. With the proliferation of online video, captioning and transcription solutions that quickly scale--i.e. 3Play's technology--are necessary to ensure that valuable video content is searchable. Tole notes that publishers simply don't have time to deal with a manual workflow; instead, they need a user-friendly tool that integrates with a multitude of video players and provides captioning and transcription in a reliable and timely fashion.

Tune in to hear more of Tole's thoughts concerning:

  • Without transcription, videos are reliant on keyword tags for search engine inclusion. With transcription, publishers can include a wider range of terms and topics for a more effective SEO plan of action.
  • 3Play offers a plug-in to create an interactive transcript; so a transcript, in addition to making video more searchable and engaging, allows users to jump to an exact point within the dialogue so they can easily locate the component that interests them most.
  • Wrapping a video player with video schema and integrating a transcript so that it is readable by search engines is important to SEO success.
  • By associating a variety of meta data with a video via a transcript, search engines will automatically correlate a transcript with other content--again, broadening the potential audience for a video asset.