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[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What’s Happening in Online Video

[VIDEO] Get Reel with Renee: Discussing What’s Happening in Online Video

This video is the first in a series featuring industry perspective and insight from key players in the digital media and broader technology ecosystem. The series stems from a range of interviews that Brightcove account director Renee Teeley conducted earlier this summer. We will be bringing you a new video each week (or so) over the course of the the next month. Enjoy!

Recently, Brightcove account director Renee Teeley sat down with Mark Trefgarne, CEO of LiveRail, at Brightcove's offices in San Francisco. LiveRail offers a video monetization platform that helps publishers to manage and monetize their video content, all the while maintaining control over their own advertising portfolio. In the video below, Mark offers his thoughts on various trends influencing the online video advertising realm, specifically:

  • Private exchanges: LiveRail has seen a rise in the deployment of private exchanges amongst premium publishers; this suite of tools allows publishers to drive higher revenues and fill rates, while also ensuring that publishers have "brand control" (i.e. the ability to monitor advertisers and creative).
  • Proliferation of mobile: Only a few years ago, mobile ads represented only 1-2% of total inventory on Live Rail's platform. In the past year, mobile has grown and now represents 20-25% of most publishers' inventory. Mobile accounts for over half of some publishers' ad inventory.
  • Device agnosticism: LiveRail envisions a world in which--from a publisher's standpoint--it doesn't matter on what device audiences are consuming content. Regardless of platform or device, publishers will enjoy a seamless monetization experience.

Check out the video below to view Renee and Mark's conversation in full.