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The TV Everywhere Opportunity

The TV Everywhere Opportunity

In this month’s Bright Ideas series, Brightcove and Akamai team up to talk about the opportunity and challenges surrounding TV Everywhere.

TV Everywhere (TVE) started out a few years ago as a much-heralded way for television broadcasters to meet the demand for premium programming outside of the living room by enabling subscribers of cable and satellite services to view authenticated video experiences on their mobile device. The concept was introduced with much excitement and promise, but it has taken several years for TVE to really get off the ground and become a real priority for broadcasters.

There are several factors that have come together to create the surge in demand that we’re seeing for TVE content. One is the explosion in the growth of devices. Consumers today are accessing video content via smartphones, tablets, over-the-top boxes and connected TVs. With all of these great devices where people are used to viewing content, it’s no surprise that consumers also want access to the premium content that they get through their cable subscription.

Second, many of the programmers that own the premium content have long-term business relationships with the cable and satellite delivery companies. As they have started to work out those negotiations, they now have an opportunity to bring that content to a much wider audience through a wider range of devices. And now they are looking to invest in the technology to make that possible.

Companies have different strategies for how aggressively they plan to roll out TVE on the business side, but all of these organizations need their TVE solution to take shape now so they have the ability to move quickly based on market demand. So it’s essential for these organizations to solve the technology underpinnings for their TVE strategy today and work through the complex requirements surrounding things like distribution, security and advertising.

Despite its challenges, TVE represents a big opportunity to expand the relationship with viewers in ways that were not possible before. Done right, TVE maintains the prestige of professional programming and combines it with the interactivity and community that the Internet provides. This could result in much more loyal and engaged audiences, which is great for the industry.

To talk more about the opportunity surrounding TVE, and how Brightcove and Akamai are working together to help television broadcasters address their complex TVE requirements, I sat down with Phil Costa, Brightcove’s director of product management, and Corey Halverson, Akamai’s senior director of media products in this month’s Bright Ideas video. Phil and Corey discuss what they are hearing from customers and how these organizations can look to Brightcove and Akamai to guide the way.