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The Three Most Painful Video Mistakes

The Three Most Painful Video Mistakes

I work with video publishers day in and day out and spend countless hours perusing video implementations. As a result, I see a lot of fantastic, engaging and well implemented video. But, I also encounter some of the same mistakes over and over again--most of which are easy to avoid once identified. So what mistakes are many publishers making that are hurting their video strategies and preventing them from making the most out of their content? Below is my take on the three "most painful" video mistakes that publishers consistently make.

1. Making Video Hard-to-Find. This is incredibly common, but luckily it is also very easy to fix. As we all know, video is an effective tool for attracting and engaging an audience. We've learned through our customers time and again that adding more video to a website increases total number of viewers, improves time spent on site, and helps convert viewers to buyers. But if your videos are hidden three or four pages into your site, the chances of viewers finding them drastically decreases, and all this potential value goes unrealized. So how can you fix this? It's easy!

  • Put a video on your homepage. This is a simple and effective way to immediately make your website stickier.
  • Create a video portal and link to it with a button or tab on the top of your homepage. This will help viewers find numerous videos in one place, and give them the opportunity to explore related content on your site.
  • Develop an effective SEO strategy by using metadata through Brightcove Video Cloud and creating a video sitemap, with our help.

2. Not Optimizing Workflow. For many publishers, Video Cloud is one tool used among many others for managing their digital strategies. As video libraries grow and video becomes a crucial part of the overall strategy, workflow can quickly become disorganized. Here are a few tips to improve your workflow and save time and resources:

3. Not Taking Full Advantage of your Video Platform's Resources. Most publishers know that Video Cloud offers transcoding, players and delivery. But what many people don't realize is that there are so many more features they can utilize to customize their Video Cloud experience to their specific use case, requirements and goals. Here are a few examples:

  • Advertising: Whether you have an existing relationship with an advertising platform or are looking to start incorporating ads into your monetization plans for the first time, you can do this through Video Cloud and our advertising partners.
  • Technology Partners: We have integrations available with partners in nearly every digital space, from video editing to subtitles to distribution to SEO. Chances are if you have a pain point, we have an integration with a technology partner that can solve it in a way that fits right into your existing Video Cloud workflow.
  • Your Account Manager: If you are an annual customer, you have an account manager who can talk to you about best practices, strategy tips, product features and roadmap and more. If you are not taking advantage of this resource, you are missing out!

These types of mistakes may seem small, but all together can add up to a lot of missed opportunity in your online video strategy. We hope you learn from these common oversights, and also take advantage of some of the case studies of successful customer implementations in our Learning Center!