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New Whitepaper: Building a Flexible Video Encoding Strategy

New Whitepaper: Building a Flexible Video Encoding Strategy

Architecting a flexible and dynamic online video workflow makes it possible to build a system that is not only a joy for users to watch, but one that is also designed at its core for growth.

Easier said than done? Not at all! We have put together a helpful whitepaper that illustrates best practices for video encoding, and provides some "tips and tricks" for using HTTP streaming formats to provide flexibility in how videos are combined and played back.

In "Architecting a Video Encoding Strategy Designed for Growth," we discuss the technical nuances for creating, managing and playing back video files. Specifically:

  • Structuring Renditions for Simplicity: output recommendations to keep costs down and quality high
  • The Dynamic Generation of Playlists: how to treat HTTP-based manifest files and use them to your advantage
  • Video Concatenation Using Manifest Files: using HLS video concatenation to maintain flexibility within your content library

Learn more by downloading the complete guide here. To learn more about Brightcove Zencoder offerings, visit this link.