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Hacking the Future of TV

Hacking the Future of TV

Recently, our Zencoder team sponsored TVnext Hack, a developer innovation event designed to spur exciting advancements in the broader television app and technology ecosystem. The event, held at Hill Holliday's Boston headquarters, brought developers, entrepreneurs, designers and other technologists together to collaborate and ponder "the future of TV." As the definition of television evolves and we consume more and more content in our daily lives, these technologists came together to explore how to make the viewing experience better on every viewing platform, setting up a productive, effective "TV of tomorrow."

In the video below, ESPN developer Will Meredith offers his take on the second screen trend; specifically, Will discusses how second screen engagement augments the sports-viewing experience. As sports fans continue to use their mobile devices while watching live sports events, opportunities for sports-related apps abound. ESPN has taken advantage of this trend by launching a variety of apps in the sports category.

Additionally, Cass Sapir, creator of the Thumb's Up app, shares his views on the interactive TV experience. Cass believes that the future of TV requires collaboration with content producers, developers and students--exactly the environment cultivated by TVnext Hack.

Tune in to the video below to learn more.