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Gaiam Taps Brightcove Video Cloud to Spread Natural Health Video Content to Core Audiences

Gaiam Taps Brightcove Video Cloud to Spread Natural Health Video Content to Core Audiences

Gaiam, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a multi-faceted business that offers products, services and information that appeal to customers who are interested in environmentalism, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles and personal development. Gaiam reaches its target consumers through relationships with retail stores across the globe; it also has a robust Web platform and e-commerce operation. An early proponent of the power of video, Gaiam began offering video-based home entertainment content for its brand followers in 2005. Over the years, it has grown its online video offerings extensively to showcase original programming on topics including:

  • Spirituality
  • Nutrition
  • Personal development
  • Yoga
  • Fitness and wellness

Gaiam became a Brightcove Video Cloud customer in 2011 and began offering free online video content to website visitors. Recognizing the engagement levels and popularity for its video content, Gaiam made a strategic decision to grow its video offerings by launching GaiamTV. A subscription-based, video on demand (VOD) channel, GaiamTV boasts over 5,000 titles--including 1:1 interviews, fitness videos, yoga practice, documentaries and more.

Gaiam originally tapped Brightcove Video Cloud for its ability to offer a secure platform for professional-quality video delivery--but the relationship has continued to expand. Consider these ROI benefits related to Gaiam’s use of Video Cloud:

  • Video Cloud offers a secure, optimized platform for HTTPS Live Streaming (HLS) video content delivery
  • Gaiam can access analytics and reporting on viewership through Video Cloud’s analytics dashboard
  • With Video Cloud, Gaiam can reach its subscribers on any platform or device
  • Gaiam successfully implemented a Roku app that has driven increased subscriber and usage numbers, via the delivery of encrypted HLS
  • Video Cloud helped Gaiam to create a foundation for Over the Top (OTT) platform expansion opportunities

To learn more about how Gaiam is taking advantage of Brightcove Video Cloud to spread the principles of a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, review the full case study here.