@Developers: New Solutions Site

 I'm starting a new blog series here aimed at developers, to keep you updated on documentation updates and samples to help you develop solutions with the Brightcove APIs and technology.

I have a specific announcement, but since this is the first blog in this series, let me tell you about some of the changes Learning Services has made in the past few months to improve our learning resources for developers. If you have not been there recently, drop by docs.brightcove.com. We expanded several areas of our developer documentation here, including the Media API, Smart Player API, and the new Analytics API (which is still in Limited Availability as of June 2013). We've added some guides to help you get started with these APIs, and many working samples to help you build your own solutions.

In addition, we are launching a new Learning Services Solution site. On this site we're creating some practical solutions that you can learn from - and since they are all working samples, your business users can actually use some of them to get their work done.

Here are some of the solutions out there now:

  • Popular Videos: uses the Analytics API together with the Media API  and Smart Player API to create a playlist made up videos with the most views in the past 23 hours
  • A player that auto-starts when it is scrolled into view
  • A tool to generate a report on all your videos (including the inactive and deleted ones) in CSV format
  • A tool to add a schema.org schema to your player publishing code to enhance SEO

Check it out and enjoy. Until next time, happy coding.