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Brightcove Video Cloud Helps Maxim Establish Itself as a Video Brand

Brightcove Video Cloud Helps Maxim Establish Itself as a Video Brand

It's true. Some people visit just for the videos.

Maxim Online, the Web presence of international men's lifestyle magazine Maxim, has long valued the power of video. Alpha Media Group, the multimedia company that runs Maxim Online, originally began to create video to augment existing print and online written content (i.e. behind-the-scenes video from photo shoots or exclusive interview footage from a cover model). Not surprisingly, this exclusive video material was incredibly popular.

As the Alpha team sought to expand Maxim Online and reach new audiences through various online channels, they ultimately developed the online video portal Maxim TV. The portal includes an array of original video material, such as interviews with models featured within each issue, sports coverage, entertainment news and more. At the same time, Alpha began to explore video app solutions. In order to succeed in video content distribution and video-centric app development, Alpha needed a trusted online video platform. Enter Brightcove Video Cloud.

When Maxim Online went live with Video Cloud in December 2012, there were several key goals that Video Cloud needed to meet:

  • Grow Maxim's video audience
  • Establish Maxim as a video brand
  • Meet these goals with a multi-device delivery strategy

Multi-device delivery to gaming consoles was particularly important to Alpha, in light of the fact that Maxim's primary demographic--young men--spend a significant amount of time on gaming platforms. Through its reliance on Video Cloud, Alpha is able to distribute Maxim video content to all platforms, mobile devices and connected TVs in the highest quality.

In addition to video distribution via its website, Alpha created a Maxim app for Xbox 360. The app features over 20 Maxim original series, and thousands of related videos. While the app offers a unique vessel to reach its core audience where they “live”--i.e. in a gaming environment--it also provides some interesting monetization opportunities as another means for selling ads.

To learn more about Maxim's video strategy and how it plans to expand its video portfolio in the future, read our complete case study here.