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900,000 Users Have Access to Bi-annual Conference via Live Stream

900,000 Users Have Access to Bi-annual Conference via Live Stream

As we mentioned late last month, for the second straight year Brightcove served as the official live stream partner of DrupalCon, the bi-annual conference for users of the popular Drupal open source content management system. Our video team also made the trip to Portland and spoke to DrupalCon organizers about the live stream to learn more about how the ability to check out conference sessions from from afar positively influences the broader Drupal community.

Tune in to the video below to understand why the DrupalCon team values live stream capabilities so strongly, specifically:

  • While there are 900,000 active profiles on, it would be logistically difficult (and unrealistic) to try to bring all of these users together in one physical space. With the live stream, everybody who wanted to participate had an opportunity to get involved, regardless of where they were located in the world.
  • The live stream, combined with a real-time Twitter Q&A allowed users to actively engage with the event dialogue--even if they were only listening to the live stream as background noise while sifting through emails at work.
  • The live stream created the foundation for a tremendous marketing platform for moving forward; this is because the organization is also taking advantage of Brightcove Video Cloud to host its on demand video assets. Now, Drupal. org users can view DrupalCon sessions at their convenience throughout the year.

How do you take advantage of conference live streams? Let us know in the comments.