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[VIDEO] Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding: Allowing More People to Bring Live Video Online

[VIDEO] Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding: Allowing More People to Bring Live Video Online

In late March, we released the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding Service in general availability--an offering that we are incredibly excited about. And, recently, we sat down with the Zencoder team in San Francisco to learn more about the genesis of the product.

In the video embedded below, the team discusses how the idea for the Live Cloud Transcoding Service emerged from the work we have long completed in the file-based encoding space. With expertise and tenure in this realm, the Zencoder team recognized that they were uniquely equipped to address some of the challenges of live video workflows by tackling the problem of live transcoding.

Now that the product is generally available, Zencoder is providing access to scalable encoding via an API, empowering the team to assist countless sets of new customers whose pain points the team can now effectively and efficiently address. Consider the fact that live broadcasting has traditionally entailed hardware encoding--which ultimately translates into significant expense and maintenance and requires a considerable amount of encoding expertise.

With the release of the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding Service, customers now need only a laptop and free or inexpensive software to stream broadcast-quality, live video content via transcoding to the Web, mobile and OTT. It is a matter of paying just a few dollars for transcoding, compared to a $30,000 hardware encoding box-- representing incredible savings.

Tune in to the video below to hear more from the Zencoder team about their mission to allow more people to bring more live video online. We are also hosting a "Best Practices for Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding" webinar on Thursday, May 30th; you can register here.