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Video for Print Publishers - from Table Stakes to Profit Center

Video for Print Publishers - from Table Stakes to Profit Center

I work closely with a number of print publishers (names you know and whose content you likely read frequently), and many of them are faced with similar business challenges. Essentially, as these print publishers continue their move from a print to a digital world, they recognize that video is a crucial way of storytelling. Video has become a medium that their audiences expect in addition to static text and images. Despite this shift in consumer expectations, many of the print publishers I work with are still struggling to ensure that they have enough relevant video content and that they are able to monetize that video content across platforms in a meaningful way.

I often see the classic "chicken and egg" situation where publishers indicate that they do not have enough video content to drive the traffic necessary to achieve a CPM high enough to make all of their video efforts worthwhile. It can be a frustrating, circular endeavor. This is especially true for publishers that are able to increase content production and traffic, but don't have an ad-sales team mobilized to sell video advertising.

While many print publishers look to Brightcove for technology solutions for delivering high-quality video experiences to their end users, Brightcove also has programs that will enable print publishers to add valuable content and increase monetization opportunities through video.

But, how?

Content Exchange
Through their Brightcove Video Cloud account, publishers can tap into our Content Exchange program allowing them to receive high-quality, relevant video content that they can then share with their audiences at no upfront cost. Major video content aggregators share their material with Brightcove Video Cloud. In turn, publishers can easily use the content--already in their Video Cloud account--on their own websites or in their own players. It's a simple, low-pressure means for adding to the video content publishers can share with their audiences, without the expense of creating and producing it themselves. And, as we know, more content equals more traffic. As a result, publishers' ad sales teams are armed with the statistics necessary to organically monetize their video content through traditional selling.

User-generated content
Brightcove also has partners that specialize in facilitating user-generated content (for example, Filemobile). When publishers make it simple and seamless for their audience members to contribute video content to their online properties, they again are providing themselves with a quick, effective way for ramping video content. Through Brightcove Video Cloud's integration with Filemobile technology, publishers can add widgets that will allow for easy upload and moderation of user-generated video submissions. Creative video production doesn't have to be expensive--particularly when engaged audience members are doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

Monetization Opportunities
Once publishers have a robust video portfolio that is generating traffic, Brightcove's relationship with numerous ad serving partners quickly allows publishers to get set up to monetize their video through pre, mid, and post roll video advertising. Additionally, once publishers have fulfilled all of the requirements from a specific ad campaign, they can tap into Brightcove's integration with ad networks--i.e. Tremor Video, YuMe and ensure they're receiving a guaranteed CPM.

Mobile matters
Because online traffic is shifting to mobile, my publisher contacts often lament that it is harder to advertise and monetize mobile video. But on the mobile Web, using our HTML5 Smart Players, Brightcove Video Cloud has existing plug-ins with multiple ad partners ensuring that customers' existing advertising relationships for Web or Web video translate into opportunities in mobile. And, through our new player SDKs for Android and iOS, we are able to incorporate ad network playback into native apps as well. I want to stress to publishers that simply because traffic is shifting to mobile devices, it does not mean that monetization opportunities cannot be capitalized upon. In fact, we excel at enabling publishers to monetize mobile video, whether it be mobile Web or in a native app experience.

While it's true that some print publishers are only thinking about integrating video into their content strategy because they recognize that it is "table stakes," Brightcove Video Cloud and related technology partnerships allow traditional print publishers to deliver video at scale and across multiple platforms. Print publishers can, and must, draw upon their tremendous brand identity and reputation to drive engagement via video efforts. Print publishers simply cannot use the excuse that video is just a cost center or something they haven't figured out how to monetize. Brightcove offers tools to build a high-quality library in a cost-effective manner and is with you every step of the way to ensure every video stream drives revenue.