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Driving Traffic with Optimized Players

Driving Traffic with Optimized Players

Many of my customers ask me about the best ways to publish their marketing videos in order to drive traffic to their website. This is because, as any digital strategist will tell you, traffic is a key success metric for any online marketing project. As a result, my customers' first question always is, "How do we drive traffic to our site?" And then, "Once we have an audience, how do we keep them?"

My response: video!

Video is naturally viral; people want to watch and share videos with friends, coworkers and their broader social network--but it is often an ignored tool when organizations are seeking to reenergize their Web properties in order to drive traffic and engagement. It shouldn't be that way! In fact, when using a feature-rich online video platform such as Brightcove Video Cloud, I recommend taking advantage of a few features available at any subscription level to support traffic growth. The following three methods for optimizing your Brightcove Video Cloud player will drive traffic and help you to also control the engagement and conversion experience:

  1. Related link: For all videos you upload to your Video Cloud account, you should assign it a "related link." In the simplest terms, this means that you can attach any URL to the video and direct a viewer there. This is a great way to add more information to a video, push someone to a product page or prompt a trial or subscription sign-up.
  2. Logo overlay: At the account level, you can overlay a watermark in any of the four corners of a video. And, beyond the overlay, you can make this logo a link! Not only does the watermark brand your content, your audience can click and be directed to your homepage, a landing page or another critical, sales-driving location. 
  3. Hosting on your URL: In my opinion, this is the best player feature for driving traffic. It's an underutilized but highly effective tool. Here's how it works: someone visits your website to watch a video and then shares it with a friend by copying the link in your player. This link can direct someone to a page on your website. The default looks something like this Notice that this is a webpage with just the video in the top left corner. Instead, when you host on your URL, this link will redirect to a location of your choosing. Several of my customers drive people to their website's video portal or a landing page with the video embedded. And, you can accomplish this with just a few clicks.

I hope that you will consider taking advantage of these standard Video Cloud tools as you continue to publish your online videos. Some of you may be also be interested in video SEO, another highly effective way to drive traffic. Check out this great post recently shared on our blog to learn about SEO best practices. If you have other recommendations for optimizing videos for website traffic growth, I would love to hear them in the comments section.