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Brightcove Launches Video Cloud Live: Start Streaming Live in Just a Few Clicks

Brightcove Launches Video Cloud Live: Start Streaming Live in Just a Few Clicks

Today marks the second full day of our annual user conference, Brightcove PLAY. And, with so many customers and partners in attendance, we couldn't think of a better forum to announce our latest exciting product news.

Today, we officially launch Brightcove Video Cloud Live, a multi-bitrate live streaming module that allows marketers and media companies to deliver high-quality, live video events across desktops, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. We believe that Video Cloud Live is a "game changer" for live event streaming because it allows content publishers with any degree of technical expertise to use a familiar Video Cloud environment to manage the entire lifecycle of a live video event. With an intuitive set up, access to real-time analytics, monetization opportunities through advertising integrations and the automatic population of live content into a video on-demand asset library, Video Cloud Live makes live event streaming simple and painless--as it should be.

Consider these recent statistics from Accenture: 29 percent of tablet owners watch live video content via their tablet devices; 53 percent of connected TV owners stream live content; and 21 percent of survey respondents enjoy live events on their mobile device or smartphone. These figures clearly indicate a heightened consumer demand--and expectation of--live stream content from broadcasters and brands of all sizes.

In discussions with our customers, we learned of the challenges they faced when working with traditional, multi-purpose live streaming tools--set up was difficult, management was cumbersome, monetization wasn't easy, analytics and performance monitoring weren't necessarily available and they didn't have the option to integrate their live stream content into their existing Video Cloud library. We knew that we could do better; we have vast experience helping major broadcasters stream content live, and we knew we could create an easy-to-use platform that would help any customer tap into the power of live streaming entirely in the cloud and without the expense of a hardware encoder. The result of our efforts? Video Cloud Live!

Tune in to the video below to hear Cortney Jacobsen, senior product manager at Brightcove, discuss the features and benefits of Video Cloud Live. In sum, they include:

  • A simple workflow; just enter basic metadata (title, descriptions, tags, date and time, duration), select a custom player from the Video Cloud publishing module and then select or adjust recommended encoding settings
  • Users need to provide only one high-quality RTMP stream of their event, which Video Cloud Live can then transcode into multiple renditions in varying bitrates--in both RTMP and HLS formats--through Brightcove's Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding Service
  • Brightcove's powerful analytics engine can provide real-time traffic and performance information about users' live events
  • Every event streamed through Video Cloud Live may be saved instantly in a user's on-demand library
  • There's no limit to the events that users can stream simultaneously
  • Sample use cases: a music festival, an industry conference or a company meeting

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start streaming live! Sign up for our public beta today at