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Brightcove and PLYmedia Work Together to Ensure Videos Have Maximum Global Impact

Brightcove and PLYmedia Work Together to Ensure Videos Have Maximum Global Impact

We're pleased to present a guest blog post from one of our technology partners, real-time multilingual translations, subtitles and closed captions provider PLYmedia. Brightcove and PLYmedia partner to enable enterprises, such as Oracle, to empower global viewers to experience live video events as they happen.

Oracle--one of the most well-known technology companies in the world--hosts a plethora of large conferences every year. Oracle Partner KickOff, JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld are just a few of the events the company hosts annually to reach and connect with the thousands upon thousands of developers and partners that comprise their broader business ecosystem. Understandably, not everybody who would like to can travel to these events from afar. So, in order to help educate and evangelize their products to an audience beyond the group that is able attend in person, Oracle live streams these events, relying upon Brightcove Video Cloud for optimal online delivery and performance.

But even with live streaming, there are still limitations to who can consume the content. To mitigate these issues, Oracle searched for a technology solution that integrated with Brightcove Video Cloud and at the same time allowed the company to cater to accessibility needs and a global audience as well as viewers tuning in at their desks requiring muted volume.

Oracle turned to my company--Brightcove technology partner PLYmedia--to deliver live captioning and real-time automatic translations, solving many of the issues outlined above. To meet Oracle’s needs, we created professional English captions from the live stream and we utilized our cloud-based translation engine, which ensures that the translation results improve quality by "learning" with every translation. More specifically, by adding professionally created captions to segmented transcripts, the translation engine gathers statistical information and customer-specific translation requirements and improves quality over time. Our technology also enables Oracle's viewers to control the captions that they are viewing by toggling them on or off and navigating between available languages (such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and Russian). By utilizing Brightcove's Video Cloud smart plugin, Oracle is able to provide live captioning on Flash and HTML5 players without any additional work. Considering the popularity of mobile devices, and the wide platform-preference disparity globally, this smart player functionality is critically important. Most notably, the high quality of our real-time automated translations allows Oracle to economically take its video content to all users, regardless of their language, location or accessibility needs.

Additionally, we have expended tremendous effort analyzing video views and video completion rates to understand our customer ecosystem better. Our research has found that videos with subtitles or captions increases video completion rates by 38 percent (from 66 percent without captions or subtitles to 91 percent with captions or subtitles). I commend Oracle for working to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to participate in its wildly popular events, while at the same time understanding the value of live stream content for engagement purposes.

Are you taking advantage of closed captions and real-time translations as part of your own online video strategy? Let me know in the comments.

Also, if you won't be able to attend PLAY in person, be sure to check out PLYmedia's live captioning during the keynotes!

Yoni Silberberg is a co-founder and VP Business Development at PLYmedia, a leading provider of real-time, automated multi-lingual translations, subtitles and closed captions. PLYmedia seamlessly integrates with Brightcove's Video Cloud to create live video events which are heard and understood across the world.