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Online Video Monetization Simplified

Online Video Monetization Simplified

Every day I talk to organizations wanting to find ways to not only publish online video content, but also monetize this content in a number of ways. Online video is great for adding rich, engaging media to your Web properties. Today’s Internet surfer expects video. What better way to increase revenues than to charge for premium access to your professional content?

With Brightcove Video Cloud, there are two paths I recommend depending on the project and intended experience. The first is creating your own private membership website, and the second is using a paywall partner.

For the first path, many Web management tools like WordPress or Weebly offer membership style plug-ins. For instance you can go to the WordPress plugin search site (at time of writing 24,000 plugins exist) and search their plugin library for “membership”. I get 136 results. You’re going to want to use the best rated. Creation of a private part of the website is simple with these programs. Keep in mind you WILL need to have a basic knowledge of these tools to achieve a membership site.

Once you have a private part of the site setup, any Brightcove Video Cloud player will have the capability to be locked to your specific domain. Find out how to set a domain restriction in the following video:

The second path is to use one of our paywall partners. These technology companies have built complementary plugins to Video Cloud that handle everything from subscriptions/rental setup, credit card payment processing, and conversion optimization. Cleeng and Tinypass are the two I recommend the most starting out. Each is a separate service from Brightcove, but requires a 5 minute integration.

Out of the two options, the first would be more developer-centric, DIY path. The second option is going to be much easier for business users.

Lastly, when trying to convert visitors to customers, I recommend providing free teaser videos to generate interest, and constantly test and analyze to measure the effectiveness. All Video Cloud accounts include analytics that help track useful metrics for your Web strategy like common keyword terms, embedded domains and engagement.

I recommend these two options, but would love to hear about other best practices!