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Bassmaster Brings Live Weigh-ins to Tournament Fans on Any Device

Bassmaster Brings Live Weigh-ins to Tournament Fans on Any Device

The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, or Bassmaster, is a fishing membership organization that boasts more than half a million members. The organization hosts 34--or more--tournaments in any given year, which take place all over the country. These tournaments range from smaller scale college events to grand-scale, crowd-attracting events such as the Bassmaster Classic. As you can imagine, bass fishing tournaments are typically held in remote locations. In light of this, there is great demand for tournament weigh-ins to be available via live stream so that bass fishing fans can witness tournament excitement from afar. Unfortunately, tournament locations sometimes coincide with a lack of reliable Internet access--creating a conundrum for tournament organizers who are eager to share tournament festivities with as large of an audience as possible.

"We've been streaming the weigh-ins live for the past couple of years," said Jim Sexton, vice president of digital, B.A.S.S. "And, we've made a lot of progress. We even purchased the hardware for streaming live, including an encoder. Unfortunately, it did not allow us to stream live to iOS devices.”

And, that was a major problem given that Bassmaster's most frequent mobile visitors are iPad and iPhone users. Enter Brightcove’s Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service--which, combined with an Internet hard line or a MiFi, Bassmaster has been relying upon to stream live events.

As an existing Brightcove Video Cloud customer, Bassmaster was eager to also tap into the power of the cloud for live encoding. By selecting Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding, Bassmaster did not have to invest in any additional hardware or related equipment--a major selling point.

"At our core, we're a media company with a show on ESPN, two print magazines and a robust website," said Sexton. "Even though live stream is a huge focus area for our business, we're not technology experts. I like that I can rest assured that Brightcove is investing in Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding so that as encoding technology changes and advances, we're immediately at the forefront of that shift."

And, as Sexton notes, the most important advantage of Bassmaster's use of the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service is the fact that they can now reach their fans on iPads and iPhones during tournament live streams.

"Accessibility via iOS devices is critical to our success," said Sexton. "Media companies only grow when we grow our audience. By making it easy for people to access our content live on Apple devices, we've quickly and easily expanded our audience."

Are you interested in catching a Bassmaster tournament weigh-in live on the device of your choosing? Keep an eye on the tournament schedule to remain updated on upcoming events.