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Video Marketing Engagement: a Three-pronged Approach

Video Marketing Engagement: a Three-pronged Approach

Why put video on your website if no one is watching? Why invest in creating professional, quality video content if your visitors cannot quickly and effectively find and use it? Our mission is to help our customers use online video to meet various goals, whether that is to educate an audience, build trust or to entice someone to buy a product. Brightcove Video Cloud players enable brand content publishers to achieve all of these things. And when it comes to integrating video into your own website, I want you to consider using the three-pronged approach to online video.

And what's that exactly? The three-pronged approach is simple:

  1. Place a video player on your homepage
  2. Place video players into your articles or specific subject matter pages
  3. Create a video portal on your website

Simply put, this strategy aims to engage and grab an audience's attention while also creating a rich, professional-grade viewing experience

Let's look at the first objective: video on the homepage. Website visitors simply expect video from brands. The best way to let a visitor know that there is video on your site is to feature it prominently on your homepage. For instance, one of my favorite Video Cloud Express customer examples is an acting class and coaching business in Los Angeles. The company has embedded a customized video player on its homepage. In doing so, the company has done a stellar job of grabbing visitor attention by centering video in the first fold. It lets a visitor know that they can expect more videos on the rest of the site; this strategy generally leads to better conversion statistics for website "stickiness."

The second step centers on integrating videos into articles, product pages, "About Us" sections and other website real estate. For example, a major healthcare provider and Video Cloud customer is adding extra information to their "About Us" page by integrating a video player at the bottom of the page. The healthcare brand is using video to showcase executive perspectives and industry insight and is also using a lightbox, a great tool to grab attention when delivering video on these kinds of pages. Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, the websites for countless daily newspapers also embed thumbnails that lead to video on almost every article that they post. More video equals greater engagement as visitors delve deeper into a site.

The third component of the three-pronged approach is creating the all important video portal. You can think of this as your content archive, where visitors can watch historical material and build awareness through all of the categories where you use video. Many Video Cloud customers think of this as their own private video channel. Several great examples of comprehensive video portals by industry include:

  • A financial firm delivering sophisticated news and opinion in video format
  • A magazine showcasing all past and present video features
  • A newspaper aggregating all digital content and categorizing it for easy access
  • A retail brand providing added value by using video to show various use cases for its products

As always when you publish with Video Cloud, we support video playback on all devices--which is critically important as media consumption on smartphones and tablets continues to rise. If you have additional best practices beyond the "three-pronged approach" that have led to increased video engagement on your own site, we would love to hear from you in the comments!