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Video is a Critical Part of Marketing Transformation

Video is a Critical Part of Marketing Transformation

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that Brightcove would power the live stream for the first-ever Chief Digital Officer Summit in New York City. We are pleased to report that the Summit was a great success in its promotion of digital media best practices. Additionally, our talented video producer Mykim Dang attended the event and has compiled some of the event's "greatest hits" into a short highlight reel (see video embedded below).

The major takeaways? Video is a critical part of marketing transformation. The digital leaders at the event discussed how and why video is integral to SEO success as well as video's relationship to organic inbound marketing growth. Additionally, there was concise dialogue surrounding why media companies and brands alike are methodically investigating consumers' digital habits and preferences and seeking to meet consumers' cross-platform, multi-device needs--from both an entertainment and advertising perspective.

Two quotes struck me (and I'm paraphrasing):

  • Video should be an endemic skill set for content publishers
  • Profound quality of user experience is more impactful than optimization; content consumers need a reason to "stick with you" 

If you were an organization's chief digital officer, what would your approach to video be? Let us know in the comments!