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Live Video Encoding in the Cloud with Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding

Live Video Encoding in the Cloud with Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding

Today we announced the general availability of the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service, which is an open API for live video encoding in the cloud that removes barriers to multi-screen live streaming and changes the economics of live video events.

Live video events are a fast-growing opportunity for a variety of organizations. As we saw with the recent U.S. Presidential inauguration and with various major sports (hello March Madness!) and news events, viewers are tuning in in record numbers and from more devices.

But live video events are not without substantial challenges. Organizations typically need to invest in, manage and configure expensive transcoding hardware to ensure a high quality experience that is accessible across devices. Additionally, uplink bandwidth at the event site can be a bottleneck, limiting the ability to publish adaptive bitrate streams or dramatically increasing the cost of an event to secure outbound bandwidth. And the expense and difficulty in scaling and operating these events is multiplied as the number of streams and formats increase and the number of events increase.

The Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service greatly reduces the complexity and upfront costs of live video events. Content providers have on-demand access to encoding resources, and pay on a metered basis only for what they use. From a technical standpoint, using a cloud service API greatly reduces operational complexity, and publishing a single RTMP feed to the Zencoder service greatly minimizes bandwidth congestion while providing viewers with a high quality user experience on any device.

We have several customers already taking advantage of the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service to deliver some fantastic events. The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, or Bassmasters, is a fishing membership organization that boasts more than half a million members that recently utilized the Zencoder Live API to support its tournament live stream efforts. And Smartcom:tv, a Brightcove partner in Norway, relied upon the Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service for live streaming of the annual event Finnmarksløpet -- a popular dog sled race held in the most northern part of Norway that spans an entire week and is comprised of grueling challenges in the snow and cold that viewers were able to watch online at no cost.

You can learn more about both the challenges of live streaming and the opportunity the Zencoder cloud-based solution presents in the video below with our senior product manager, Cortney Jacobsen.