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Grazia Brings Fashion to Life with Brightcove Video Cloud

Grazia Brings Fashion to Life with Brightcove Video Cloud

Here at the Brightcove Blog, we really enjoy a good fashion magazine. Since fashion is such a creative and visual medium, it's exciting to witness how fashion magazine publishers are integrating video into their content plans--providing even more "eye candy" than usual to their voracious readers.

The Spanish version of Italian fashion and lifestyle magazine Grazia, part of Grupo Planeta, is an example of a fashion magazine that is truly prioritizing video. The first weekly fashion title in Spain, Grazia España launched its website in February--and online video is an fundamental component of both its brand strategy and Web layout. Because Grazia España operates in a space where it competes primarily with celebrity gossip outlets, offering fresh, enticing content is critical to satisfying audience demand. Enter video!

The magazine has created what it calls "Grazia TV," a comprehensive portal of video content showcasing runway footage, behind-the-scenes "sneak peeks," fashion and beauty tips and celebrity chatter. Through this channel, the magazine can offer its readers dynamic, ever-changing video. In addition, Grazia España launched the first-ever Web series in the Spanish women's lifestyle space, "Bloguera en Construcción." In only a short time, the series has gained a large audience.

What's perhaps most exciting about Grazia España's video strategy is that the magazine has only been a Brightcove Video Cloud customer for two months. The magazine was able to take advantage of Brightcove Video Cloud’s "out-of-the-box" functionality to fully ramp a video-rich website in only six weeks, an incredibly expedited timeline. Also, Grazia España didn't have to sacrifice quality of design in the interest of time; its brand goals remained tightly aligned with video integration, and kept user experience at the forefront.

In a highly competitive publication landscape, it's very important for magazines to have the opportunity to monetize their online content. Because Grazia España has placed such an emphasis on video, the magazine was able to join its ad server with Video Cloud and take advantage of revenue derived from pre-roll advertising. And, given the growing, global adoption of smartphones and tablets, Grazia España will soon launch video material compatible with both iOS and Android devices, taking advantage of Brightcove’s native player video SDKs.

In our view, the visual, artistic nature of fashion and the creative, storytelling properties of video go hand-in-hand. Grazia España is a tremendous example of a fashion title taking full advantage of video, using it as a tool to craft constantly evolving, awe-inspiring, interactive content.