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Brightcove and Cleeng Enable Le Cirque du Soleil and ONE DROP to Deliver Global On-Demand Show

Brightcove and Cleeng Enable Le Cirque du Soleil and ONE DROP to Deliver Global On-Demand Show

Brightcove technology partner Cleeng helps its customers to generate more revenue per viewer through its integrated digital content e-commerce platform.

Raising global awareness about a specific cause is not an easy task. To attract widespread attention and raise significant funds, charity event organizers often must unite some of the world’s best talents and at the same time use the most efficient communications strategy in order to truly “move the needle.” The nonprofit group ONE DROP, which aims to increase water accessibility globally, and Le Cirque du Soleil took on this challenge by throwing the One Night for ONE DROP event at the O Theater in Las Vegas on March 22nd.

The One Night for ONE DROP event aimed to raise awareness about the water shortages affecting many regions across the globe. Guided by the aims and goals of ONE DROP and Le Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, the show brought together 230 famous performance artists. A broad spectrum of luminaries and celebrities were attracted to the event, including Prince Albert of Monaco, pop star Britney Spears and Olympian Michael Phelps.

While the in-person event was a wonderful celebration and performance, the one-night event has extended its audience and fund-raising efforts well beyond the O Theater. Because of Cleeng’s integration with Brightcove’s Video Cloud online video platform, viewers are now able to stream the entire performance on-demand in high quality to any device for $5, with all proceeds benefiting ONE DROP.

By integrating Cleeng’s online pay-per-view API system with Video Cloud, Le Cirque du Soleil and ONE DROP have accessed a global audience and have been able to easily monetize the on-demand performance to benefit ONE DROP’s cause. The integrated system allows users to pre-book, easily donate and access the video stream on ONE DROP’s website on any device until March 31st. Cleeng’s platform also allows users to easily share the event with friends via social media through a special coupon system.

"It’s the first time we have ever developed a ‘buy one, get one free’ social sharing functionality," said Cleeng CEO Gilles Domartini. "Viewers will now be able to easily refer friends on Facebook, Twitter and email and allow them to watch the show free of charge. It’s a wonderful way to use social media for a good cause."

Together, Brightcove and Cleeng have been able to provide a strong and flexible pay-per-view system for a high quality on-demand stream of the One Night for ONE DROP event, expeditiously delivering upon the goals that Le Cirque du Soleil and ONE DROP set forth. And, there’s still time to participate! You can stream the performance until March 31st to benefit ONE DROP.

Cleeng’s strategy, models and results have mainly been driven by the hard work of Gilles Domartini. It was whilst working for some of the world’s leading technology firms, such as Phillips and Apple, where Domartini collected his thoughts and was able to see the end result – Cleeng. Since then, Domartini has looked to perfect ways to make content profitable through Brightcove Video Cloud and to help broadcasters get the most out of their streaming content. To keep up with all the latest news on Cleeng, visit our Twitter page. More information about Gilles Domartini’s monetization method can be found here.