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Video on Demand: TEDxDumbo

Video on Demand: TEDxDumbo

The spirit of TEDx events, designed to bring innovative thinkers together to collaborate and think creatively to solve real-world problems, is something that Brightcove as an organization greatly admires. This past October, we were excited to support the mission of TEDxDumbo by serving as its live stream sponsor. The most recent TEDxDumbo was a TEDxCity2.0 event, a specific TEDx initiative where speakers outline their goals for urban change through a series of “Action Pitches.” Three Action Pitches were selected and discussed at TEDxDumbo--and you can now watch all of them along with related discussion on demand here.

In Dumbo, the following organizations presented their goals and work, which the TEDxDumbo community then had an opportunity to support through volunteerism and other initiatives:

  • Gowanus Mud Balls: This is a project working to understand how various microorganisms might be able to improve the water quality in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal. The overarching mission of the group behind this project is to empower and train citizens to create environmental change in their own communities.
  • Made in the Lower East Side: This organization is focused on transforming vacant or abandoned properties on the Lower East Side into hubs for community activity and services.
  • Art Bar: Art Bar is trying to create a platform for the arts and cultural programming--by transforming a now-unused vehicle deck on one of the Staten Island ferries!

If you have a chance, take a few moments to view the TEDxDumbo sessions, as well as to investigate the inspiring missions of the organizations featured.