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Inside Baseball: Using Video for Enterprise Knowledge and Collaboration Portals

Inside Baseball: Using Video for Enterprise Knowledge and Collaboration Portals

One of the biggest barriers to social collaboration in the enterprise is the disconnect that exists between the idea of digital communications and the reality of a very closed organization. It's not that organizations structure themselves to be closed; instead, so much of an organization’s intellectual capital exists solely in the heads of its key employees and is not easily accessible in written format. This operating method dramatically affects employee production, though, causing knowledge workers to spend a significant chunk of their work day searching for information, rather than contributing to their company’s greater mission.

So how do enterprises unlock the knowledge that currently only lives in the brains of its employees? How do they locate and share years'--even decades'--worth of knowledge in a format that can be understood, searched, shared, referenced and recalled? The answer, simply, is video. Employee-generated video content has become a strategic endeavor for leading companies that are learning, adapting and evolving their work forces in order to take advantage of the latest technologies and trends.

For instance, imagine that you're a new business analyst in the finance department at a Fortune 500 chemicals manufacturer. In this role, you're tasked with understanding how to identify supplier efficiencies that can be gained by streamlining the various delivery points of the raw materials being delivered to your division's three manufacturing sites. If your employer has an internal collaboration site, you can go to your secure portal and search for content associated with material suppliers and manufacturing locations. There, you will find video describing the current supplier relationships, the advantages of those suppliers, who owns the relationships and insight into the content collaborators responsible for updating changes and processes. And all of this information will be sorted by relevancy--and all contributors can be easily contacted via the portal collaboration tools.

Now, consider how long this process would take if you were using traditional tools, i.e. email, PowerPoint and text documents. Instead, using video--and with proper search integration--you're able to not only quickly find and absorb the embedded knowledge, you can update the information and be a true collaborator.

Enterprise companies have recognized the value of deploying internal social business strategies and are incorporating video into these plans. But what’s the motivation for this in the long term?

  • Streamlined Communications - Employers want, and need, direct, one-to-one access to existing knowledge and company processes
  • Understand the Mobile Workforce - Employees in the field often have the most understanding of how things really work and the rest of the company needs to tap into this expertise; video is a simple way to convey sometimes complicated messaging
  • Enhance Culture - Millennial employees expect to use these collaboration tools, and are comfortable with the technology
  • Nurture Career Growth and Development - Learning, sharing and contributing are career drivers

Are you thinking about online video for internal collaboration but are unsure of how to get started? Would you like to learn more about how to inspire video contributors, or how to best deploy technology to support this vision? Are you eager to determine if it's possible to measure ROI for a video strategy? Brightcove can help. In the comments section, let us know if you are currently investigating video-driven enterprise knowledge and collaboration.