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Brightcove + Jive = Employee Social Collaboration

Brightcove + Jive = Employee Social Collaboration

Last week we unveiled our first product integration with Brightcove technology partner Jive, a leader in workplace social collaboration software. Organizations around the world use Jive to power their internal communities to encourage internal employee interaction and engagement. Companies across a variety of industries and sectors rely on Jive for compelling social experiences, including T Mobile, Mercy Corps, Yum! Brands and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

At Brightcove, we believe strongly in the power of video to tell stories, engage viewers and to create a meaningful call-to-action. It seems only natural, then, that video could could play an important role in the social communities that Jive powers. Employees at hundreds of organizations already use Jive to collaborate on business ideas, product features, company programs and customer support efforts. Now, with the new Video Cloud Integration for Community Managers, video can be shared within Jive communities. Similar to text, photos, .pdfs or other content types, videos managed by Brightcove Video Cloud can now be easily shared by community managers with members of their Jive community.

Built by FG SQUARED, a Jive Alliance Partner and Brightcove Solution Partner, the integration consists of free code that any organization is welcomed to install and run. All you need is a Brightcove Video Cloud account (Express $499, Professional or Enterprise) and a Jive community. We are delighted to offer this integration to our joint customers completely free of charge. Now, community managers can:

  • Easily share existing Video Cloud video content with their Jive community
  • Tap into the visual communication and persuasive powers of video for internal dialogue
  • Now, community managers can not only share ideas, pictures and questions on their internal social network, they can also create and distribute video to further foster collaboration amongst employees

The most exciting component of this integration news is that it's only the beginning of our joint efforts with Jive. We are now working on a second integration which will offer all members of a Jive community--not just the community managers--an opportunity to upload and submit video as part of their ongoing collaboration activity. Stay tuned for more information on this development, which we are planning to launch at some point in Q2 of this year.

Jive is a leader in employee social collaboration, and we are delighted to partner with such a forward-thinking company to enable joint users to integrate video into their social activity in an easy and free manner.