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Brightcove and the Content Marketing Institute: B2B Roundtable Video Series Part V

Brightcove and the Content Marketing Institute: B2B Roundtable Video Series Part V

In the fifth--and final--installment of the B2B Research Roundtable Video Series, moderated by Brightcove’s Steve Rotter at Content Marketing World 2012, the expert panel discusses the connection between content marketing and the sales organization. [Video below]

This integrated content and sales relationship is one that organizations large and small struggle with. Once the marketing team has developed compelling, thought-provoking, valuable content, how does the sales team utilize that content? Are they even aware of it? According to the roundtable panel, it is not uncommon for the sales and marketing organizations to operate in silos--unaware of one another’s needs and assets.

The experts suggest that the success of content marketing should be judged by the strength of the connection between the content team and the sales force. Ideally, the sales team will take advantage of all of a company’s owned content to not only engage with prospects, but to further foster relationships with existing customers. Here are some of the best practices the panel suggests the content team follow in order to consistently inform the sales team:

  • Keep the sales team apprised of available content through internal communications measures (i.e. newsletters, intranets)
  • Develop compelling content--i.e. an infographic--for sales stakeholders that details available content and its purpose in an interesting, memorable way
  • Assess internal audiences as you would external ones--for instance, create a marketing persona for the sales team

Have you successfully bridged the gap between content and sales? Let us know your tips in the comments.