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Brightcove and Chatroll Join Forces to Enable Live Video Social Interaction

Brightcove and Chatroll Join Forces to Enable Live Video Social Interaction

We're pleased to present a blog post contribution from one of our technology partnersBrightcove and live social chat provider Chatroll partner to enable publishers, such as the Harvard School of Public Health, to transform live video streams into interactive social events.

The Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) is taking an online community approach to hot topics in public health. Every few weeks, HSPH hosts an online show featuring a live panel discussion centering on high-profile and important public health issues affecting Americans today.

The format of the show is a one-hour live talk broadcast from the HSPH studio. A moderator, who is usually from a major news organization, controls the flow of the conversation by interviewing the panel of three to five in-studio experts. Occasionally, panelists join by live video feed. The moderator also takes questions from the studio audience and from online viewers.

Although audience members are present in the studio, the real magic is the online impact. Viewers from across America – and internationally – tune in to watch the show online, powered by Brightcove Video Cloud, and to take part in the live chat discussion with other online viewers, facilitated by Chatroll.

Because the show takes place live at a scheduled time, rather than HSPH providing the content as prerecorded video, it enhances audience engagement by having a focused discussion using real-time chat. Online viewers can also submit questions, which the panel can address live, letting online viewers get directly involved as though they were in the studio. Because of the seamless integration between Video Cloud and Chatroll, the live video and chat tools help to create a real online community around the show.

HSPH's viewers can tune in from anywhere, as long as they have a device that connects to the Internet, which is convenient for busy people on-the-go. And by addressing topics such as gun violence, toxic stress in early childhood, America’s sleep deficit and why vaccines matter, HSPH's events often have online audience sizes in the hundreds, with significant numbers of viewers recommending the event on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

These live video-chat events are one of the ways that HSPH is building its brand online as a leader in public health issues. The live event is a powerful social media tool that helps HSPH to offer quality online content that captivates and grows the size of its audience, and also encourages people who are interested in the subject area to return and continue the dialogue surrounding important public health matters.

Arlen Panchoo is the director of business development at Chatroll. Chatroll is a leading HTML5 real-time chat platform that easily integrates with Brightcove's Video Cloud to create engaging live events. Organizations use Chatroll to help reach and impact bigger audiences with live events over Web and mobile.