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Advancements in HTML5 Video Monetization

Advancements in HTML5 Video Monetization

Today we announced the general availability of a comprehensive monetization solution for HTML5 video, including support for VAST-compliant pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, a new HTML5 video player API for dynamically setting and changing ad policies, and HTML5 video plugin support for leading ad servers from FreeWheel, Google, Videoplaza and YuMe.

According to FreeWheel, viewership of ad-supported, DRM-supported video content on smartphones increased nearly eight times in the past year. FreeWheel also found that tablets have become the go-to mobile devices for viewing episodic video content. While this is great news for media companies who want to reach a broader audience, it also introduces a bevy of challenges for actually publishing ad-supported content to these different devices, operating systems and browsers. In order to maximize the advertising revenue potential of this fast-growing audience, media companies need to not only ensure their video and advertising work across all devices, operating systems and browsers, but they also need the flexibility to choose the best ad servers that fit their business and enable them to target advertising in flexible ways.

Brightcove has continued to invest in helping our media companies achieve success and maximize the revenue potential of the fast-growing mobile audience. The Video Cloud online video platform now provides ad-supported media companies with a full suite of features to reliably and consistently maximize the revenue for their online video initiatives across every screen, with pre-, mid- and post-roll ad options that work consistently across HTML5 devices and platforms and player APIs that enable customers to target ads appropriately.


Additionally, Brightcove’s Smart Players, which automatically adapt the video experience to account for mobile operating system and browser inconsistencies, give media companies confidence their ad integrations will work consistently, while also making it easy for ad partners like FreeWheel, Videoplaza and YuMe to build integrations.

Video Cloud also became the first online video platform to support Google’s IMA3 SDK on both Flash and HTML5, enabling publishers to take advantage of advanced features in the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) video module.

Lastly, the Smart Player framework also enables media companies to futureproof their online video investments and advertising strategies by providing support for new platforms and operating systems as they come to market, such as Microsoft Windows 8.

I recently sat down with Ashraf Alkarmi, our vice president of product management, to discuss the challenges associated with HTML5 advertising and what we’re doing to help media companies solve this problem.