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Super Bowl Ads Go Second Screen

Super Bowl Ads Go Second Screen

Admit it, if your team isn’t in the Big Game this Sunday, you’re really only tuning in for the commercials. And, to enjoy the snacks. Super Bowl snacks are the best.

Speaking of ads, earlier today David Lea shared a post about dual screen advertising, and the fact that advertising technology hasn't yet caught up with rapid adoption of second screen apps. As is often the case, the ads showcased at the Super Bowl--and the brands behind them--seem to be at the forefront of shifting advertising trends and consumer behavior. In fact, according to this report from AdWeek, CBS itself will generate between $10 million–$12 million in second screen ad revenues alone. But it's more than just the network airing the Super Bowl that’s getting excited about ad gamification and interactivity. Some brands have gotten creative with second screen this Super Bowl.

For instance, Coca-Cola, the perennial Super Bowl advertising favorite is asking viewers to vote online to select a winner in a race across the desert between Cowboys, Bandlanders and Showgirls. Other brands, such as Toyota and Pepsi, have crowdsourced advertising content via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and will use real-time social content to influence current and future advertising.

It's "good business" to integrate second screen components into ad strategy, particularly around a massive event such as the Super Bowl. Consider these numbers from Super Bowl advertiser Century 21:

  • 36% of people who plan to watch the Super Bowl say they will use a second screen to enhance the game experience.
  • Viewers will rely on their smartphones and tablets to check sports commentary, analyst feedback and replays.
  • And--not surprisingly--52% of Super Bowl viewers will use social media during the game.

For more fun Super Bowl and TV viewing data, check out this recent infographic from Nielsen.

Who's your favorite to win this year? Ravens or the 49ers?