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Protecting Your Video Content with Digital Rights Management

Protecting Your Video Content with Digital Rights Management

Recent data has shown that 45% of adults and 70% of 18 - 29 year olds have bought, copied or downloaded unauthorized music, TV shows or movies. As consumers embrace online video across a broad spectrum of devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs, it has introduced more options to rip unauthorized content. As a result, content owners need to make sure they are protecting their content against piracy and unauthorized viewing no matter how, where or when it is accessed.

Digital rights management (DRM) provides the control publishers require to secure their content for wide-ranging business models and distribution strategies. Simply put, DRM is a set of technologies that enable content owners to secure content and enact policies around how consumers can engage with that content. Those policies can include viewing windows, allowed devices or copying and sharing permissions.

Many people view DRM as something that only the big Hollywood film studios or major broadcast networks should be concerned with, but the reality is that any organization that publishes and distributes premium content needs to be thinking about protecting that content. By protecting your content and controlling its use, you can make sure that your online video strategy serves the purposes for which it was intended -- and that it won’t be undermined or undervalued as a result of unauthorized activity.

I recently sat down with our resident DRM expert, Brian Kahn, to discuss this topic in more detail and the options that are available to publishers that want to take advantage of DRM for their video content. Brian also touches on why Brightcove is focused on supporting multiple DRM technologies in order to provide our customers with protection on the widest range of devices and platforms possible.

You can also learn more about DRM in our whitepaper "Getting Started with DRM for Online Video"