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A Little Bit of Everything: Brightcove’s 2013 Online Video Predictions

A Little Bit of Everything: Brightcove’s 2013 Online Video Predictions

We might be slightly late to the 2013 “predictions party;” as they say, though, better late than never! Our friends at ReelSEO reached out to us late last week soliciting Brightcove chief marketing officer Jeff Whatcott’s thoughts on what to expect from the online video industry in 2013. Jeff offered some compelling insight and we wanted to bring his perspective to readers of the Brightcove Blog as well. In this post, we expand upon the content we delivered to ReelSEO. So--without further adieu--what’s in store for online video and related industry segments this year? The top trends will be:

The use of video will be the single fastest growing tactic for content marketers
A multitude of sources indicate that visual content is increasingly becoming the medium with which we must reach our target audiences. Beyond that, marketers will adopt video--the pinnacle of visual content--at a rapid rate in the coming year (according to the October 2012 research we partnered with CMI and MarketingProfs on). We have already seen our digital marketing customers use video creatively and innovatively in 2012 and look forward to exciting customer video implementations in 2013.

Live event streaming will continue to grow
As marketers and media companies figure out how to use live to build and engage their audiences, streaming will become mainstream. As we saw with the London Summer Olympics, the appetite for “as it happens” video is already high. Both marketers and digital media publishers must now navigate how to capably deliver live content, while also meeting their own related sales and/or advertising goals.

This will be a “make or break” year for Windows 8 tablets and phones
Many organizations are in a holding pattern, waiting to determine if Windows 8 devices will truly thrive before they invest in targeting content and apps for the platform. This week, coincidentally, will be a truly telling week for the Microsoft platform as companies unveil new Windows 8 devices at CES.

The dust settles around HTML5
In the year ahead, HTML5 will proceed through the “hype cycle.” 2011 was the year of impossible expectations for HTML5, when it was viewed as a “cure all” for the mobile environment. In 2012, HTML5 faced fierce criticism--for instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s claim that Facebook relied too much on HTML5 rather than native apps created an intense HTML5 backlash. In Brightcove’s view, 2013 will be the year when stakeholders come to terms with the fact that HTML5 is not a panacea; rather, it is tremendously powerful when used skillfully to create seamless mobile web and hybrid app experiences.

Have we left anything off the list? Please share your additional 2013 predictions in the comments.