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Doing Online Video Right- What to Consider

Doing Online Video Right- What to Consider

Today, we kicked off our “Futureproofing Your Digital Media Strategy Webinar Series” with an event that centered on how media and entertainment companies are diving into online video and digital media more broadly. Specifically, the webinar--led by our Chris Johnston and Paul Ritter of Interactive Media Strategies--explored both the opportunities and headaches publishers face as they work to take advantage of online media.

For those of you who were unable to join today’s session, here are a few of the major takeaways:

  • According to Pew Research, digital consumption is shifting from PCs to mobile devices; there will be 10 billion mobile internet devices globally by 2016.
  • Because people trade-in their mobile devices more frequently than they do their PCs, this presents numerous challenges for publishers working to deliver content online, as they navigate constantly shifting platforms and operating systems.
  • Dual screen is often referred to as “the battle of the living room.” And, in the battle, which manufacturer will win? Today’s webinar suggests that Apple and its AirPlay technology are well positioned to lead in dual screen.
  • With Flash, HTML5, Android and Connected TVs, publishers are dealing with a complex platform ecosystem for online video delivery and monetization--and, they cannot manage this themselves.
  • Why? DIY players can cause publishers to incur tremendous costs to keep up with operating system and platform changes over time; an online video platform (OVP) can insulate media companies from these technical roadblocks.
  • The bottom line: publishers have the content expertise; their OVP partners provide technical acumen, digital rights management, content protection, monetization support and consistent delivery.
  • The cross-device opportunity is huge for media and entertainment companies, providing access to big audiences in effective, engaging ways.This type of opportunity requires a reliance on a strong OVP partner for long-term delivery.

Stay tuned for registration details for our next webinar in this series.