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Brightcove's Technology Partner Program: How Do You Get More Out of Video Cloud in 2013?

Brightcove's Technology Partner Program: How Do You Get More Out of Video Cloud in 2013?

Brightcove's Video Cloud customer base is diverse and growing rapidly. Each customer has a different set of needs and goals when it comes to video--and there's a lot that can be done with video. Since Video Cloud doesn't offer every desired feature out-of-the-box, we’ve cultivated a technology partner ecosystem that allows other software companies--that specialize in those features--to integrate their products with Video Cloud. Our partner ecosystem enables publishers to enhance the Video Cloud experience for their end-viewers and leverage their existing investments in other technology.

Publishers can add features to their videos, such as hotspots to drive viewer engagement and subtitles to expand SEO. They can monetize their content with paywalls and connect to their ad servers and networks via Video Cloud’s advertising module. Publishers can also access their videos from within their content management systems, and they can include Video Cloud analytics in their more comprehensive analytics platforms--to name just a few use cases.

Our partner ecosystem also includes content editors, content networks (part of our Content Exchange Program), UGC platforms, social media partners, syndication platforms, mobile partners, recommendation systems, and more.

In the past few months, our Technology Partner Program has welcomed several new partners. Among them are Shodogg, VidCaster, Automatic Sync Technologies, Trilibis Mobile, Voices Heard Media, SnappyTV, and FlixMaster. We are constantly adding new partners with various functionality--sometimes due to a joint customer expressing a need for the integration and other times because there is the potential for our customers to benefit from the integration.

In 2013, we'd like to share with you how and why customers are currently using our technology partnerships to do more with Video Cloud. We'll be inviting our tech partners to contribute as guest bloggers so that they can highlight the value that joint customers are getting out of using our products together. Stay tuned!