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Brightcove and the Content Marketing Institute: B2B Roundtable Video Series Part III

Brightcove and the Content Marketing Institute: B2B Roundtable Video Series Part III

Like the skilled content marketers that they are, our friends at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) have divided their video roundtable series into multiple parts--deriving the greatest benefit possible from one event. Since imitation is the purest form of flattery, we are taking their lead and blogging about each video as well. We brought you the earlier installments in the series regarding the rise in number of content marketing tactics as well as conversation surrounding social marketing integration. Today, we address content production, which is outlined here on CMI’s blog.

The consensus when it comes to content production? Creating enough original content to satiate a diverse set of audiences and an almost innumerable group of delivery channels is very difficult. In the roundtable, this conundrum is referred to as “the hamster on the wheel” problem--it’s just hard to keep up when content marketers are tasked with consistently developing material for their website, the corporate blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest--and that’s really only the beginning of the list. As you’ll see in the video below, the roundtable participants discuss marketing personas and debate the need to create persona-specific content, rather than repurposing one set of content for each audience.

Ultimately, the panel participants agreed that content marketers can adhere to a few guidelines that will ease the content creation process:

  • Create solid, engaging content first and most importantly--and then think about how to spin or reclassify that content for various target personas.
  • The beginning and the end of the sales funnel often look the same; rather than recreating content for the entire cycle, focus instead on the middle. Content diversity during the decision-making period--supporting education and conversion-- is what really matters.
  • Don’t be afraid to reuse content. The CMI roundtable participants encourage content marketers to rely upon a reservoir of “evergreen” content; update existing material with fresh data, a new introduction or perhaps a complementary visual element such as a video or an infographic.

What are some of your content production secrets? Please let us know in the comments. And, stay tuned; we’ll bring you the final videos in the B2B Roundtable Video Series soon.