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It’s Now or Never: Take Advantage of Mobile Video

It’s Now or Never: Take Advantage of Mobile Video

Demand for mobile video continues to explode, as the latest numbers from Business Insider Intelligence confirm. Given that the mobile video audience in the U.S. alone currently stands at 36 million viewers, there has never been a more appropriate time to step back and evaluate your mobile video strategy. But, there are several factors to take into consideration before diving into mobile video. Acknowledging the importance of the following concepts will help you to ensure that your organization reaps the full rewards of mobile video:

Platform and Device Agnosticism
Research shows that despite the proliferation of Android devices, iOS devices continue to drive mobile ad impressions. To account for user preference and to follow the money, it is imperative that your mobile content is accessible--and functional--on any and every make and model of mobile device. I am sure you can empathize with this personally; how frustrating is it when a video you were able to view on your desktop is inaccessible while on-the-go? Ensuring agnosticism should not cause you to lose sleep, though. Technology exists, such as the Brightcove Video Cloud Smart Player, that offers consistency and stability of HTML5 viewing experiences across platforms and devices.

Build Analytics into Your Mobile Video Plan
Recognizing the power of mobile video and the necessity to deliver it to your core audiences is only the first step in mobile video strategy. Understanding how viewers are consuming your mobile video content, how they are sharing it, where else it leads them to on your mobile properties and how specific content is influencing advertising effectiveness is also mission-critical. Before embarking on the mobile video journey, you must ensure that you have a plan in place for monitoring and managing your content’s reach. For instance, we integrate with comScore to help our customers track this data.

View Mobile as an Extension of Your Video Content Marketing Strategy
Brands at the cutting-edge of content marketing, such as PUMA, understand how video can foster customer engagement. They also recognize how an ecosystem of video on all owned properties--including mobile--delivers the greatest value to a brand or organization. That is why when creativity strikes on the web video front, you must take a moment to consider its implications for mobile. An integrated online and mobile video strategy is the only path forward.

What are your mobile video best practices? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.