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Brightcove Paves the Way to Media and Content App Development

Brightcove Paves the Way to Media and Content App Development

The radical transformation happening in media, software and consumer devices has been an intense focus for Brightcove over the past six years, and with the new wave of apps and content on devices ranging from touch apps on tablets to rich dual screen TV apps, we are exploring and experimenting with the tools and technologies needed to activate a brand on these platforms.

Brightcove offers an integrated suite of media and app platform services, ranging from an incredibly broad array of back-end services and a full suite of player and client SDKs and development tools for media-rich applications and user experiences.

If you are technical and new to Brightcove, here’s a quick run-down on the tools and services that you or your developers can easily and affordably take advantage of for a little as a hundred dollars per month and with free developer accounts.

App Cloud Core

This is our free and open source development platform for cross-platform hybrid native apps, using HTML5 and native plugins to target iOS and Android with content-rich apps that can be easily distributed through the App Store and Google Play.

This includes a cloud-compiler, an on-device testing and debugging emulator, and a rich collection of JavaScript APIs for doing native app development.

App Cloud already includes support for dual-screen Apple TV apps using the current generation of OS, hardware and AirPlay protocols.

You can get a free account here at

Zencoder Transcoding APIs

These JSON-based APIs provide for incredibly fast media transcoding in the cloud, so if your application requires multi-platform, multi-device, high-performance audio and video, Zencoder gives you utility-based pricing and infinite scale in the cloud, with 3rd-party validated top performance in the industry.

And with App Cloud you get real-time image transcoding as well, so you can adapt from an HD image into different sizes, crops and dimensions in real-time to deliver the right image to the right device on the fly.

Live Broadcasting

We just recently launched a beta of our live cloud transcoding platform for delivering high-quality live broadcasts across desktop, mobile and TV devices. Available also as a stand-alone API service, the Zencoder live transcoding platform connects to Video Cloud, AWS, Akamai, Limelight and others, and works seamlessly with our cross-platform player SDKs and runtimes. Pass us a single HD video, and we’ll real-time live transcode and deliver it into as many as 20 different renditions for every device that matters. Also with easy per minute utility pricing, it’s affordable for any sized broadcast.

Video Cloud and Video.js Player SDKs and Runtimes

We’ve been at the forefront of video playback on the Internet for a long time, and our most recent video player innovations push the boundaries of cross-platform support and open developer APIs and extensibility.

Video Cloud’s Smart Players seamlessly detect and playback high-quality, secure and multi-bitrate video across Flash and over 30+ different HTML5 video platforms. With rich customization and extensibility, cross-platform APIs for closed captions, dynamic overlays, real-time analytics, and 3rd-party plug-ins from virtually every advertising, audience measurement, analytics and recommendation engine in the market.

We have also extended the Video Cloud player family with a brand new Video Cloud Player SDK for iOS that makes it simple to create exceptional native app experiences for iPhone and iPad, from stylings to animations to fulls creen views. And, an extensible framework makes it simple to add advertising, DRM and paywall capabilities, as well as audience measurement and analytics.

We also provide the free and highly popular Video.js open source video player and JavaScript SDK. Including HLS-playback inside of Flash, and great HTML5 customization options, this is a great and free way to get going with video players.

Video Cloud Media APIs

If you need more than just cloud and media transcoding, we also offer the Media API, a rich service for integrating media with your site and CMS, and also for general purpose meta-data management on video, including a rich set of video-specific policy, playback and distribution rules. With JSON-based read and write APIs, and SDKs for nearly every programming language environment, the Media API is a powerful way to easily integrate video content into your applications.

Push Messaging APIs

With our most recent update to App Cloud, we added a powerful new Push API for scheduling and sending push messages to your apps. In addition to geo and user-activity targetting, you can apply custom labels to users and in turn target specific push messages all the way down to the individual user or segments and groups of users. This is a powerful way to add functionality, keep users fresh on new offers and changes, and drive higher app engagement levels. This is also part of an offering that starts at just $99.

Content Feeds and Caching APIs

Also included with the $99 edition of App Cloud, content feeds help you deal with many of the performance and user experience issues faced when building high-performance hybrid apps.  This includes binding with JSON objects and remote APIs, standard XML/RSS, with over the wire optimization of data through zipping and compressing, and client APIs for using local storage, managing file downloads, and handling online/offline conditions.  With our new Content Source API, you can have your own back-end applications ping or refresh your cloud data and force all installed users apps to refresh their data and content.  This gives you the benefit of high-performance, cached and offline data for your users, but the means to force the app to refresh the data when there is new content.

Real-Time Analytics API

We’ve built a completely new real-time analytics platform for video and apps. These give you deep and rich data about how people are discovering and engaging with your content and apps, and with our JSON APIs the ability to build custom analytics reports and leverage true real-time data to drive content and functionality decisions. This is currently in beta but we’re adding more and more users every month.

Monetization APIs and SDKs

Across everything we do, we’ve tried to provide open APIs and SDKs focused on the integration of popular 3rd party ad platforms and networks, audience measurement services, and analytics platform. Because of the audience reach of our customers, you’ll find that we have some of the most current, robust and mature integrations for these platforms both in video and apps.

Again, if you are a developer or play a role with implementing products and apps online, we encourage you to take our platforms and services for a spin.