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The Brightcove Blog: 2012 Greatest Hits

The Brightcove Blog: 2012 Greatest Hits

It is that time of the year--when we start to feel a bit nostalgic about the year that has passed, and begin to jot down potential New Year’s resolutions. At Brightcove, 2012 has been an eventful and exciting year. We became a publicly traded company, launched an array of new features and innovations for our Video Cloud and App Cloud platforms, grew our customer base to more than 6,100 organizations around the world, acquired cloud encoding leader Zencoder and produced yet another successful Brightcove PLAY global customer conference.

Phew! 2012 was busy--and not just for the company, but also for us on the Brightcove Blog. As we dove into 2013 planning and contemplated the types of content that we feel will resonate most strongly with our readers in the coming year, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to investigate our “Top 10” blog posts from 2012.

We had a lot of fun “flipping through the memory book,” and thought you might enjoy revisiting these posts as well:

#10- Lights, Camera, Action: Trends in Video Marketing: In this post, our CMO Jeff Whatcott summarizes a report from Aberdeen Research surrounding the power of video for marketing efforts. There are some great nuggets in this research that can assist you in content marketing strategy development in 2013 and beyond.

#9- Bipartisan Solutions to Ending the Religious Wars over Mobile Platforms: This is a recent post that our CEO Jeremy Allaire penned in conjunction with the latest release of App Cloud. Jeremy calls for a renewed emphasis on hybrid apps. If you are interested in mobile, app development or the developer economy, we feel Jeremy’s analysis is a “must read.”

#8- Integrating Video with your Website CMS: This post highlights video’s central role in effective content marketing. Consider re-reading this if you are looking for a quick refresher course on best practices for integrating video into your master content management system.

#7- The Third Wave of Online Video Transformation: This is helpful reading (plus a video) that articulates how media publishers can--and must--manage the complexities of delivering and monetizing their premium content in an environment where a variety of platforms and devices are prominent.

#6- Delivering Dual Screen Content Experiences to the Living Room: This post centers on the power of dual screen viewing experiences--a topic Brightcove championed in 2012. The piece offers insight into how publishers can leverage various technologies (including App Cloud) to merge HD viewing with content-rich mobile apps.

#5- Mobile Apps Without the Cost and Complexity: Mobile app development is a diverse ecosystem, with several strategies vying for top billing. This post speaks to Brightcove’s belief in the long-term viability of hybrid apps, and underscores how App Cloud enables users to create cutting-edge mobile apps using Web development knowledge.

#4- Brightcove Unveils Next Generation Video Cloud Smart Player: This is a 2011 entry to our 2012 Top 10 list. Check it out for a second look at our whitepaper on HTML5 video performance and compatibility.

#3- Stage Video with the Brightcloud Video Player: This is an overview of our analysis of the video performance in our Flash player via Adobe’s StageVideo API.

#2- Brightcove Acquires Cloud Encoding Leader Zencoder: This post from president and COO David Mendels discusses the excitement surrounding our first corporate acquisition. We cannot wait for the Zencoder integration to unfold even further in 2013.

#1- HTML5 and the Rise of Hybrid Apps: And finally, our most-read blog post in 2012 was first published in October 2011. Surrounding the launch of App Cloud, Jeff Whatcott discusses the need for cross-platform development tools and highlights the talent gap App Cloud is helping to fill by allowing developers to use their HTML5 acumen to build native mobile apps.

Thank you for reviewing some of our most popular posts with us. Were any of your favorites not accounted for on this list? Also, are there specific topics you would like to see us explore on the blog in 2013? Please let us know in the comments section; we would love to hear from you!