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Mobile App Development Trends & Choosing the Right Path for your Organization

Mobile App Development Trends & Choosing the Right Path for your Organization

In the last few years, mobile apps have quickly grown from a novelty to a key requirement for organizations of all kinds as a way to deliver content and build customer engagement and long-term relationships. As a result, the processes and requirements for the developers building these apps have also evolved and organizations today need to be aware of several key differences when evaluating potential tools and solutions for mobile app development.

A few years ago, PhoneGap (which has since been acquired by Adobe) emerged with a hybrid app framework that enables developers to use familiar Web technologies for app development. But, as apps have moved even further into the mainstream, developers now demand more than just a basic tool. Organizations, and their developers, now need a complete platform that spans the entire app lifecycle to help them develop, operate, market, iterate and extend the lifetime of their apps while minimizing costs and complexity.

I recently sat down with Chris Little and Phil Costa from our App Cloud team to explore this evolution in more detail and discuss how organizations can go about choosing the best solution and approach for their mobile app needs. We created our App Cloud mobile app platform to meet the mobile development and maintenance needs of today and to give developers an end-to-end solutions for building and managing content-centric apps. As you will see in the video, we strongly believe that App Cloud is the best choice for developers that need a simple, intuitive and extensible experience that also keeps costs low and delivers exceptional results for end users.

To further illustrate this, we also published a new Mobile App Development Evaluation Guide to help you understand the lay of the land and which approach makes the most sense for your organization.

And more importantly, we announced a range of exciting new features and capabilities in App Cloud today, including an open plugin architecture, out-of-the-box integrations with major third-party services and expanded integrated support for push notifications.