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Events Round-up and Upcoming Meetups at Brightcove HQ

Events Round-up and Upcoming Meetups at Brightcove HQ

We moved our headquarters to Boston’s Innovation District at the beginning of 2012, and since then we have been thrilled to host members of the local tech community at a number of networking, training and social events. But, we are not done yet for the year!

On Wednesday, November 28th at 7:00pm, the Boston Front End Developers will hold their last meetup of 2012 at our offices (you can sign up here). The event will feature two sessions:

  • Web Odyssey 2013: Paul Greenlea from Fresh Tilled Soil will explore the latest web technologies currently under development at Mozilla, Opera and Google. Paul will demo the “latest and greatest” tech--from face recognition, to image and audio processing, to web APIs--and offer his take on how each will transform the mobile web user experience in 2013.
  • Front End Performance Matters: Yottaa’s Matt Williams will discuss consistency of end-user experience from web to mobile. He will share lessons learned and offer strategies for measuring the performance of both apps and web services. He will also describe how to utilize key metrics to benchmark performance in any environment, as well as processes for prioritizing necessary adjustments and solutions.

We hope that you can join us for a tremendous learning opportunity and some spirited discussion.

Also on the events front, Brightcove was recently lucky enough to be a stop on The Webby Awards’ Webby Talks World Tour. During this presentation, Fresh Tilled Soil CEO Richard Banfield offered his thoughts on best practices for data visualization techniques. Richard was very effective in articulating why big data visualization is relevant--not only to designers and data enthusiasts, but also to the business community and consumers. We think you will particularly enjoy Richard’s explanation of how a simple, data-driven design can help anyone (not just subject-matter experts) to spot trends or make informed predictions about virtually any topic or issue. You can check out Richard’s slides with audio here.

Stay tuned to the Brightcove blog for details on planned future events at our HQ.