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October Tech Meetups and Events At Brightcove Boston

October Tech Meetups and Events At Brightcove Boston

October is upon us and it's shaping up to be another busy month for events here at Brightcove's Boston office.  Check out the schedule below and feel free to sign up for any functions that pique your interest. Hope to see you here!

Boston Ruby Group Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, October 9th, 6:30PM: Whether you are new to Ruby or a master, it's a great place to learn something new, share ideas and experiences, and meet other people in the community who use Ruby. The October meeting features 2 45-minute talks. Up first will be Dave Ott, lead developer at Berklee College of Music, with Creating Ruby Extensions in C. And, From Dave: "If you find yourself as a diligent Rubyist in a situation where you need to do some 'heavy lifting', or perhaps you have a computation that is just too painfully close to the lower end of your speed threshold, you may be in position that requires you to get closer to the metal. Writing Ruby extensions in C is probably a lot simpler and more fun than you may think."

Up next will be Peter Jackson (the rails developer, not the film director)  who will give a talk on Location Based Apps. Peter will begin by covering a the different types of location-based apps, and then look at the anatomy of an application and the elements of the spatial tool stack, and he'll give a preview of geo_rail, the soon-to-be-released spatial framework for Rails. For more info and to rsvp for this event, go to

Node.js in the Wild Meetup, Wednesday, October 17th, 7PM:
It's the Framework Smackdown! It's a night of Node.js framework comparisons: Server Frameworks (Express, Tower, Railway, Flatiron), Client Frameworks (Backbone, Angular, Ember), and Real-Time Client+Server Frameworks (Derby, Meteor, SocketStream). Go here to find out more information and sign up for this event.

Attending one of these events? See below for directions. Brightcove is conveniently located just off the Mass Pike and 93, and is a short walk from South Station.