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Lights, Camera, Action: Trends in Video Marketing

Lights, Camera, Action: Trends in Video Marketing

We recently partnered with Aberdeen Research on a survey of more than 100 sales and marketing professionals about the use of video and rich media in their marketing efforts. The research provided that many marketers are successfully capitalizing on the power of video. According to Aberdeen, the ones that are leading the way in engaging with consumers, building brand loyalty and driving conversions all have one thing in common -- they are more likely to use video in their content marketing efforts.

The research proves that these best-in-class organizations are using video to communicate with customers and prospects at every stage of the buyer journey. These organizations are:

  • 38% more likely than all other companies to use video in their external communications
  • Outperforming the rest of the market 2:1 when it comes to website conversion rates
  • 30% more likely to have professional grade in-house video production capabilities
  • 33% more likely to have a solid plan for reaching devices and social destinations
  • Twice as likely to leverage big data and video analytics data to measure the performance of their content
  • Five times more likely to use an online video management platform

Marketers of all sizes are faced with a variety of challenges in reaching their audience across an ever-changing, and increasingly noisy, landscape of social channels, devices and screens. It’s great to see these best-in-class organizations achieving success with video and driving engagement, brand loyalty and conversions.

To learn more about this topic and the research, you can also take part in our special webinars with Steve on Tuesday, October 30th at 9:00 am ET and 3:00 pm ET. You can register for the webinar and download the full report here.