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Boost Your Content Marketing Ecosystem with Online Video

Boost Your Content Marketing Ecosystem with Online Video

Half of interactive marketers expect online video to increase in effectiveness over the next three years as compared to other interactive marketing tactics like email marketing, SEO and display advertising, according to Forrester Research. And there is good reason for that, as video has grown to be consumers’ preferred social medium with no signs of slowing down. But many marketers are still not utilizing video effectively, focusing more in display ads that do not take advantage of the full story telling power of video.

Forrester analyst Darika Ahrens recently published an interesting report that takes a closer look at the ways that marketers can leverage video to boost their content marketing efforts. The report, “Boost Your Content Ecosystem with Video,” helps marketers understand how video can drive value throughout the customer lifecycle, something we have long preached to our customers. Whether you are driving awareness and trying to attract people to your site, or trying to increase engagement and improve the overall interaction with your content, or trying to drive conversions and get people to take specific actions, video can add value at each and every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The report also provides a framework and best practices for marketers to leverage video across their entire brand ecosystem, and the different types of sources available for marketers to take advantage of to help achieve this.

Steve Rotter, our vice president of digital marketing solutions, dissects the Forrester report in more detail in this month’s Bright Ideas video, weaving in a variety of interesting examples from marketers who are achieving success with video. Steve also takes a closer look at some of the interesting data from the report to help marketers understand why they need to get serious about video today.

To learn more about this topic and the report, you can also take part in our special webinar with Steve Rotter and Darika Ahrens on Thursday, September 20th at 11:00 am EST. You can register for the webinar and download the full report here.