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Twin Technologies Partners with Brightcove to Create Superior Customer Solutions

These days, as they access online content via a wide variety of devices and platforms, consumers demand that content experiences look and operate consistently, whether they’re using a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, or any one of a number of content-centric electronic devices. However, creating a solution that provides exceptional functionality and consistency in a fragmented device landscape can be extremely challenging and, in most cases, entirely cost-prohibitive.

Twin Technologies, one of our Solution Partners, is working with Brightcove to mitigate this complexity and focus on building superior solutions for its clients. Leveraging scalable platforms like Brightcove Video Cloud instead of developing complex infrastructures for their clients enables Twin Technologies to cement its reputation as a world-class systems integrations organization through design and implementation of best-of-breed user experiences for its clients.

In the video below, we sat down with Ben Elmore, CEO of Twin Technologies, to learn more about why he believes partnerships with technology platforms like Brightcove are instrumental to success: