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Delivering Dual Screen Content Experiences to the Living Room

Brightcove chairman and CEO, Jeremy Allaire, recently blogged about the need to re-conceptualize the TV as an application platform, meaning we should think of TV screens and monitors as “the final frontier in Internet-based software applications, not as devices to watch and consume video content.”

At the same time, there is a growing consumer trend toward multi-tasking while watching TV. A national survey of more than 2,000 Web-enabled smartphone users conducted by Razorfish and Yahoo! recently found that 80 percent of respondents were mobile multitasking while watching TV.

Jeremy’s vision and the shifting trend toward multi-tasking signals an important opportunity for media publishers to capitalize on -- dual screen viewing experiences. These experiences enable viewers to stream programs to their TV while enjoying relevant content from the same publisher via a mobile app. For publishers, this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce rich content apps that simultaneously control content, data and information presented on the TV while displaying synchronized content on their mobile device, delivering a more engaging, contextual viewing experience for viewers.

Leading the way in this evolution is Apple through its AirPlay technology and Apple TV platform. Apple announced earlier this week that the company sold 1.3 million Apple TV devices last quarter, an increase of 170 percent over the same quarter last year. Also of interest, Microsoft sold 1.1 million Xbox 360s worldwide during the same time period.

Here at Brightcove, we are focused on helping publishers take advantage of new opportunities like dual screen experiences. We recently introduced a new App Cloud Dual Screen Solution for Apple TV to open the door to a new kind of content experience for the connected consumer that blends the rich contextual information that fans crave with HD television viewing.

You can learn more about the power of dual screen experiences, as well as our new solution, in this month’s Bright Ideas video. I’m joined this month by Jeremy, who shares his thoughts on this growing trend, as well as walks through a cool demonstration of dual screen apps in action.