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The New Content Marketer

In the past several years, the lines between traditional paid, earned and owned media have blurred significantly, with more and more marketers focusing more on creating content designed to direct-to-consumer channels and social media outlets. The new “content marketer” has emerged, and brands of all sizes are developing new strategies for engaging with their customers.

I am very excited about the role that online video plays in the new world of content marketing, particularly because video has an unmatched ability to tell stories, convey information, and evoke an emotional response. At every stage of the lifecycle, video and social media can help organizations to integrate paid, owned and earned media more closely to increase impact and ROI. But first, marketers must overcome considerable complexity. With more device types, online channels, underlying technologies and cross-platform consumer behavior to account for, managing cost, time-to-market and quality of experience is a constant challenge.

In this month’s Bright Ideas video, I’m joined by Steve Rotter, Brightcove’s vice president of marketing, to discuss the challenges and opportunities for organizations embracing the new world of content marketing and how Brightcove is helping marketers to focus on creating great content.


To learn more about this topic, I encourage you to download our free whitepaper, “The New Content Marketer”. You can also attend our webinar on this topic on Tuesday, July 17th.