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Introducing App Cloud Core - Build and Deploy Mobile Apps for Free

Today at the annual Brightcove PLAY conference, we made several exciting announcements about App Cloud. First, we released a completely free version called App Cloud Core. This new edition enables web app developers to build and deploy an unlimited number of mobile and tablet applications for free. Just download the SDK, test your app on iOS or Android using Brightcove Workshop, then upload your code and we'll compile it in the cloud. You can deploy it through the app stores or release it to your enterprise users, all for free. To get started, open a free App Cloud Core account today. If you previously had a trial account, it's been automatically updated to App Cloud Core. Just log in and you can now compile your apps for free. 

We also announced new pricing options for people that want access to the more advanced capabilities of App Cloud, such as push notifications, image transcoding, real-time analytics, application templates, and live app editing. You can access these by upgrading to App Cloud Pro or Enterprise, for as little as $99/month. And the pricing scales with usage (based on end user sessions), so you can build as many applications as you want. Your costs only increase if your apps become successful. See the pricing and editions page for more info.  

Lastly, going forward the App Cloud SDK and the native containers that integrate your JavaScript code with the native device APIs on iOS and Android will be managed as open source projects. Starting today, the JavaScript code in the App Cloud SDK is available under the Apache 2.0 license. We plan to make the Objective C and Java code for the containers available in the coming months. For more information, check out the open source FAQ.

As if that wasn't enough, I also wanted to highlight the new features we just added in release 1.10 of the SDK. The new APIs for file downloading make it really simple to build applications that download video files, images, or PDFs and store them offline so your app users can take their content with them. We also demonstrated new capabilities for building dual-screen applications using AirPlay and Apple TV. Check out the keynote video from PLAY 2012 for more information. And lastly, we added a new tool to App Cloud Studio that makes it easy to debug your apps while they're running on your device.

We're eager to see what the development community does with these new capabilities. Sign up for an account today and let us know what you think.