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Brightcove Introduces Free App Cloud Core Edition and Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV

Brightcove Chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire made a big announcement during his PLAY 2012 morning keynote presentation with the introduction of App Cloud Core, a free edition of the App Cloud content app platform. App Cloud Core features an open source software development kit (SDK), powerful testing and debugging tools, unlimited cloud compilation and real-time analytics. The new edition of App Cloud provides an open source HTML5 mobile app development SDK and powerful cloud services for efficiently operating and managing apps.

“The whole platform is open,” Allaire said in making the introduction. “We believe there are millions of Web developers who should be unleashed into the app economy and we want to help them do that.”

Allaire also announced a new App Cloud Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV, enabling media publishers to develop rich content apps for the iPhone and iPad that simultaneously control content, data and information presented on an HDTV while displaying synchronized content on the iPad or iPhone. The unique dual-screen solution leverages Apple’s AirPlay technology, which allows viewers to use applications that simultaneously present content, interactive options and data on both the touch device and an Apple TV.

In the video below, Allaire offers an overview of the App Cloud Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV.


“TV is no longer just TV. It’s a programmable display service, and this is paving the way to new monetization models and opportunities,” Allaire told PLAY 2012 attendees. “The living room just got on the app innovation power curve. Virtually every app on a phone or tablet has the potential to have a natural extension onto a TV screen."

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